The therapeutic team

The therapeutic team consists of professionals, trauma- and
self-healing therapists who are all working here voluntarily.

A healing journey in the forest

Maor Arieli

Transpersonal psychotherapist, facilitates workshops at the Secret Forest

Dr. Esti Avnon

Specialist in trauma treatment, Master’s degree in psychodrama at the University of Haifa

Tamar Friedlander

A clinical psychologist who specializes in working with trauma

Neta Shaked Kochli

Integrative psychotherapist (body/ mind/ soul)
experienced in clinical work with traumas and sexual abuse.

Shlomit Leshem

Water-Watsu treatment

Matan Chakimi

Facilitator of Development Spaces and author who produces the ‘Tchushat Beten’ podcast

Ronit Bashar Lazar

Dance and movement therapist specializing in trauma

Efrat Valnovich Maman

Naturopathic at the Secret Forest

Lilach Shabtai

A clinical social worker, treating trauma victims

Dr. Dolly Aisenberg

Specializes in emergency medicine

David Sahar

Psychotherapy therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher. Specialization in working with trauma and psychedelic integration

Oshrat Romano

Accompanying psychotherapist in dealing with loss and post-trauma

Amir Avnon

Senior clinical psychologist and trauma specialist

Uri Lavi

Musician and facilitator of singing circles