I chOose life

An embracing and healing journey in the secret forest of Cyprus
for the victims of the Iron Swords War 2023

A healing journey
The ‘heroes parents’

A healing journey
‘Nova-party survivors’

Body & Soul

We believe that our soul has the ability to heal itself. We combine mindfulness workshops, alongside empowering conversation circles with professional therapists and facilitators. Daily wellness with yoga and meditations, to create a different experience that will bring about renewal of consciousness, ignite the passion and light for life and leave here recharged for life.

A healing journey in the forest


The location

In the heart of a nature reserve in the mountains of Cyprus, near a small village surrounded by a forest and a flowing stream, resides a unique space that is hundreds of years old with a spring of water in its center with healthy minerals which flow into hot pools in a large and pampering spa complex. In this paradise, a little far from the war in Israel, but not too distant from home - you will re-gather the strength to cope and win!


The hospitality

The hospitality The style of accommodation in the Secret Forest combines the rustic charm of magical and luxurious suites, Greek-style villas and the largest innovative and pampering spa in Cyprus, this indulging environment will give you the space to reorganize your thoughts and decisions!

The company

The company

In the Secret Forest you will be surrounded by other parents/ heroes with other people from Israel, an Israeli staff and service - a loving, inclusive and embracing environment.



The culinary in the Secret Forest is based on organic nutrition, from the farm to the plate. It is characterized by healthy and rich Mediterranean food that is based on rich vegan nourishment, alongside a fresh-shakes bar. The culinary chefs choose to embrace and strengthen you in this way to give you the strength to choose life every day anew.

Secret Forest

The therapeutic team

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Content for the soul

A healing journey
in the forest

That's how it
all started

I saw them fighting for their lives, escaping like birds from a cage from bloodthirsty terrorists, and I realized it was my time to recruit. We recruited all the staff members and therapists in the Secret Forest – all of them as volunteers – and so, the week after the 7th of October, the first group of 50 youngsters landed, arriving with their eyes closed and leave here renewed, with skills for healing and renewal.
Since then – every week – we host 50 Nova-party survivors during weekdays and on weekends we host the bereaved parents for a journey of healing, embrace and renewal. I am moved every time when I see how they arrive here and watch how they leave, knowing I did what I was obligated to do.

Yoni Kahana